Language studies have been an important and intensely developing part of scholarly activity of the State University of Applied Sciences in Konin. For years, conferences organized by our University have been drawing the attention of specialists from both Poland and abroad, and Konin is becoming a more and more recognized center of scholarly activity in Poland. The growing interest in language studies, the development of local scientific community, and the fruitful cooperation with researchers from all over the world have all contributed to the launch of this journal – Konin Language Studies (Konińskie Studia Językowe).

The journal’s main mission is to serve as a platform for scientific cooperation and exchange among researchers dealing with different languages. The main languages of publication are Polish and English but it is the editors’ intention to publish at least one issue annually in a different language.

The journal is a long-term endeavor and the fulfillment of our goal, which is to create a forum for scientific exchange and discussion over multifaceted and multidisciplinary approaches to researching language, to a large extent depends upon the active contribution of Polish linguists and language researchers to shaping the contents of the journal.